Title Track
A First Run with Component Theming: Missteps, Learnings, and Success

"The world needs more people who are two days into learning something writing about the problems of people who are one day in." --Patrick McKenzie ( Read More

Front End: Themes, Design, UX, UI, etc
Continuous Integration with Drupal 8

Explore writing PHPUnit tests to ensure that future features and bug fixes don't break existing functionality. Discuss the various types of tests and the benefits and limitations of each. Use Gitlab/C... Read More

DevOps: Performance, Administration, etc..
Contractor or Consultant: Lessons learned from 10 years as a One Man Band

We'll discuss the trials and tribulations working as a one-person web consultancy business. Running a one-man business requires wearing many hats, so we'll cover a broad range of topics, only a few o... Read More

Business, Marketing, and Community
Drupal 8 Testing and Dependency Injection

In early versions of Drupal, testing was done via Simpletest. In Drupal 8, simpletest is no longer the primary way to test your site. In this session, we'll look at Unit Testing and Kernel Testing and... Read More

Back End: Coding, Development, PHP
How Drupal 8 Can Power Your Global Digital Transformation

Still using a flip phone? Of course not. By now, you’ve realized the benefits of having a smartphone—it’s a camera, it’s a computer, and it’s your connection to the digital world. Enterprises large an... Read More

Business, Marketing, and Community
How To Be a Successful Insourcee

Project tips and business management perspectives from a small company that works for other big organizations. This presentation will share some of the experiences of a small Drupal-centric web develo... Read More

Business, Marketing, and Community
How to create a Drupal 8 theme using Bootstrap

In this session we'll go through the process of how to create a Bootstrap sub-theme in Drupal 8, as well as how you can customize it to suit your site's design. The process will include the following:... Read More

Front End: Themes, Design, UX, UI, etc
Introduction to Composer

How to set up, update, and patch a Drupal 8 site using composer. What to check into GIT and what not to. What composer commands to run to update and what to run to deploy.

Site Building and Using Drupal
Introduction to Drupal 8 module development

Many of us have written modules in Drupal 6 and 7, whether by choice or out of necessity. But are you hesitant to venture into Drupal 8 because it feels too overwhelming "under the hood"? This sessio... Read More

Back End: Coding, Development, PHP
OOP, Design Patterns and Drupal 8

With the switch to OOP and the inclusion of many parts of the Symfony framework, Drupal 8 has (finally) moved into the modern era of web development best practices. Let's have a look at how some of th... Read More

Back End: Coding, Development, PHP
Unlocking Drupal 8 Themes: How to Build a Custom Component-Based theme using Twig and Atomic Design Principles

Drupal 8 ushered in some awesome new tools to use for theming. In this session, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Twig and how it can be used to support a component-based theme. We’ll also explore h... Read More

Front End: Themes, Design, UX, UI, etc
Your First Drupal 8 Theme: What's different and how to get started

We'll talk about some of the differences between a Drupal 7 theme and one for Drupal 8. There are many small changes that roll up into a something that is a little overwhelming. We'll touch on the fol... Read More

Front End: Themes, Design, UX, UI, etc